bounced audio missing when selecting "no" for "replace audio events ?"

where does the bounced audio file go when bouncing audio but selecting “NO” for “replace audio events ?”
whats the purpose of selecting “NO” for “replace audio events ?”
I thought this feature should add the bounced audio file to track but in new lane instead of replacing the audio, but it just disappears completely


The Bounced files end up in the Audio folder. If you select “No” for “Replace Audio”, the file is bounced, but not imported to the project. So you have like “backup” bounced file.

Is it possible to somehow automatically import bounced audio to the same region but instead of replacing the audio add it as a new take / lane ?
Because I want to use bounced audio but have original files on another lane as backup


I don’t think so.

Just use Render in Place


As far as I know Render in Place will make a track, there is no option to make a Lane. Or am I missing something?

But in general, I agree, it will be faster for this use case.

Martin is correct, render in place always creates a new track

Yes it does, but there is no more options for OP request

Or, you can just copy events to next lane and bounce