Bounced Selection not identical

When bouncing an audio selection, the resulting waveform is not identical to the original

What am I missing?

Could be a whole host of reasons. What are you bouncing, and how? Pugs, etc…

I’m not exporting, I’m using the audio bounce selection

I thought it’s supposed to be the same, but with volume curves and edits?

When I bounce, I notice it will be slightly shifted, and the waveform also is slightly different

I never said you were exporting. I said “What are you bouncing”

My question still stands, as does my comment.


I’m just bouncing audio, in order to condense and edit a new version. it happens even with a single segment

(also, in cubase 5, it would ask me if I wanted to edit a new version. where is this option in cubase 7.5? that’s one of the reasons I have to bounce)