Bouncing an audio-warped event... how?

Hello to all!

I have an issue that I can’t seem to figure out. I have a percussion track that was recorded into C7. It needed a bit of adjustment to get it ontime, so I used the sample editor. I then detected hitpoints, and from there made Warp Tabs for each hit. Then I quantized the audio, as shown in the following pic:
As you can see, everything is nice and even now. So, then I naturally want to BOUNCE the track, so I can have the edits I made be set in stone so to speak. So I went Audio -> Bounce Selection… and THIS HAPPENS:
AFTER bounce.jpg
As you can see, the percussion hits are off, back where they started. What gives with this? And how can I bounce these edited parts down to a file / track so its permanent?

I tried another method - to route the track to a group channel, and then set that group channel as an input on a new audio channel. Then I simply armed the track, and let it re-record the part, sort of live bouncing. And get this: it STILL doesn’t work! The result is a new recording of the part, BEFORE THE EDITS!! How is this possible?

Totally stumped on this one!

im not sure if its a bug(not in fromt of C7 now), but u can flatten the event(s) before bouncing.
to do so select the event(s): go to audio menu -> real time processing -> flatten

Edit: after checking in C5 at work(no c7 here) bouncing audio warped event creates new file processed as expected .

Oh ok! What does flatten do, exactly?

flatten makes the event already processed permanently and takes the audio warp the manual for more info. my english is not the best :wink:

“Flatten” makes the realtime processing on an event or sample (like warp changes, or variaudio, etc.) permanent by saving a new, processed audio file. Just like bouncing, but a very specific kind of bouncing, only applying to the realtime processes in the sample editor (it doesn’t include insert effects on the channel the event is on, for example).

Edit: Oops, mozizo beat me to it. :slight_smile:

Wow! Ok! Very helpful, gentlemen, thank you!

And quick!! :slight_smile:

That all said… what you’re doing SHOULD work as far as I know (as mozizo said, it worked for him in Cubase 5)… so you might be facing a bug or some kind of other anomaly. But try flattening it first before you bounce it and see if that will work as a work-around.

Edit: Oops, mozizo beat me to it.

you explained it much better… good im not a Lecturer :laughing:

I think the problem is that if you have musical time set for the track, the algo will “re-quantize” the warp markers during the bounce…in other words, ‘bounce’ is for gluing/solidifying events into new events/clips, etc…and has nothing to do with warping. Flatten is your friend. The manual could be more clear…

It’s something to do with elastique algo…known bug or limitation - use drum solo for better timing…or forget warp and split/move events.

neither does bouncing…