Bouncing, Audtion and Release File

I usually mix drums up in Battery, assign 2-3 samples on the same midi note, adjust volumes, then add eq and effects. After that step I want to bounce the audio just for that cell’s output. (I set it up as multitimberal)

I figured out how to do that using the file->audio mixdown and set it to save the audio to the audio folder in my project.
I clicked the box to bring it into its own audio lane.

I then open the sample editor in cubase. I chop the section I want and normalize.
I think when I chop and normalize, it makes another file on the harddisk. Like clap_01.

One thing I can’t get though is when I am in the sample editor, I hit audition, and make sure the audiotion volume slider is up, but I hear nothing. I opened the track settings and make sure it is output to headphones (my main output) and still nothing.

Why can’t I hear it?

Also, I want to bring the sample back into Battery, as that was the whole point of bouncing. But Window’s says the file is in use, until I close the cubase project, even if I delete my editing audio tracks. How can I tell Cubase, let go of that file but don’t delete it?

Try “Remove from Pool”?

How do I deactivate control room? It is activated. I don’t think I need it. I am just at my bedroom desk.

F4. Control Room tab. There’s a button at top right to activate/deactivate

Ok getting closer. Now the Audition comes out of my speakers rather than my headphones as desired.

I have the track the audio to audition is sitting on sent to group track master, which in turn is set to go to headphones. Not sure why audition comes out my speakers instead. Could make the neighbors angry late at night.

When I play the tune via transport, everything comes out of my headphones.

This is after deactivating Control Room?

Yea. I hit F4 went to the rightmost tab and deactivated it.

Coming out my speakers still when I click audition. Everything else is out my headphones.

Ok. What does your Output tab show?

Ah ha! It has a default of speakers set as main. So, even though I set everything to go through headphones, it looks like audition uses whatever the default was. Switched and all is well. Thanks for being patient! One mystery solved and learned.

Yeah, man. No problem. So many times myself, I’ve gone, "Hey! Where’s my metronome/audition bus? "… It always leads back to VST Connections.