Bouncing between desk and laptop for Spectra layers?

Licensing seems to be only for one device at a time, is there a way I can use it the program sometimes on my laptop and sometimes on my desktop or is licensing etched in stone?

If you have an eLicenser USB dongle you can move your license to that dongle, and move that dongle between your computers when needed.

@Robin_Lobel Thanks for the response. That seems a bit of a waste. Most companies allow for installation on two devices, so it is silly we have to buy a dongle to do so. Seems a bit of a cash grab. I may reconsider and look at other companies.

I wouldn’t choose a piece of software based solely on its access restrictions. Besides, even outfits like iZotope have tightened their access restrictions over the last several years. Your options are becoming more and more limited.

The dongle is an anti-piracy measure, completely reasonable, IMO, especially considering the dongle price is a tiny fraction of the price of the protected software.

The only software I use that allows unrestricted use on multiple computers is Reaper. Maybe you ought to consider that for NR work.