Bouncing multiple warped audio tracks causes error/ crash (OSX Monterrey M1)


This has become a show stopper for me recently. Whenever I do phase aligned warping for ie. drum tracks I tend to run into all kinds of problems;

  • Using fades on warped audio causes horrible clicks and pops (at the spots where fade starts or ends)

  • Can not bounce audio that has been warped (instead get an audio error nag screen every time)

  • Audio can suddenly just mute on one side of a stereo track that’s been warped

  • Edits and cuts on warped audio tracks causes audio disappear on edits and cuts

  • Render in place creates random empty/silent audio tracks (when used on warped multitracks)

Anyone else suffering from similar issues

(I’m on Mac Mini 2020, M1, Monterrey 12.3)


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I am having the same issues on Windows 10.

The issue with the free warp, for me, was that the events needed space to buffer. At some point the audio is cut off due to the audio being warped past where the playhead could see within the event data. For example, I was editing punk band that was all over the place. I think I had broken up the songs into sections to manage where I was- you’re stretching the audio, so you want to make sure you cut the event ending to where the drum beat (or whatever you’re editing) changes.

I hope that makes sense. Basically I was trying to play audio past the warp-point of being warped. Breaking things up into sections solved that problem for me.

HOWEVER- I also cannot render the audio. Cubase hangs and crashes or needs a force shut down. You could in theory do a loopback bounce in real-time, but that defeats the point in a quick render.

Another issue I’m having is with plugin linking- like dual mono compressors linked in 2 FX Sends.
My channels freak out and the plugin thresholds are mirrored or twack out instead of duplicate as it should.

Cubase 12 has been VERY disappointing coming from 9.5. These features would be killer if they actually worked…