Bourne Legacy theme

something I came up with using the new Korg Kronos

(converted to mp3 in Cubase :laughing: )

So… I guess nobody likes it

I do. Sounds good to me Doug, except maybe the drums are a bit too loud.


It does sound good. Real guitar would be icing on the cake.
But I know that’s not your point.

Snare drum is too loud. This ain’t hip hop.

Ogg Orbis would sound even better. :laughing:

Sounds good to me, I suppose the tremolo on the guitar could be a bit subtler.

It creates a fitting atmosphere. Nicely done. Agree with the comments on the drums.

cool, I like it. dig the flowing synths, nice progression too. maybe just a bit of “air on the snare” mixes it better. really liked the groove, some possibilities came to mind while listening, a lead comes out-a big synth pad folds in on the chord progression, lol, just dreaming is all.

Very cool hypnotic feel, I like the guitar sounds they fit piece but might want to consider some effects to soften it a little (not sure what but play with it). The snare is killing the mix hard to concentrate on anything else for me when it comes in. Can’t wait to hear again if you remix

Nice, really like it :slight_smile: Seems like it needs a melody/solo over the top - in parts anyway. And yeah, snare is perhaps a tad loud…and too dry too I reckon.

I agree about the snare(though I do like the way it sounds) - and that it could use either a vocal or some sort of melodic theme, but it’s a nice
little vamp.
Korg Kronos?! Doug, just recently you sold off most of your gear to get an engagement ring, and already you’re
back in the game with a $3,000.-- keyboard??

You back to pimpin’ again? :sunglasses: :laughing:

The goal was simplicity and vibe. I agree the snare sticks out too far.

This is something I just whipped out while jamming with the Kronos. I still haven’t figured out how to edit MIDI from the Kronos within Cubase and send it back again (I need to RTFM)

Thanks for listening :sunglasses:

was always a korg fan, thats a beast. and wow! 88 keys

I really enjoyed that - very hypnotic, and the chord progressions are subtle but very noticeable and very cool. Love the sparse melody line. I’ve seen the other comments about the snare - have you brought it down, because it doesn’t sound intrusive to me. My only suggestion would be to do something different with the ending.

Great stuff.


Hey Doug,

Like the vibe…you keep moving on. Glossed over the comments and spotted some suggestions and thoughts, don’t know if you have implemented any, but, the current version is great and I wouldn’t change a thing.

By the way, are you planning on playing in the GMO this year, if so, give me a call and we can do dinner.

Be Well,

John :sunglasses:

Hey John – I was actually thinking about you the last few days, what you were up to. :sunglasses:

What’s the GMO? If it’s a golf tournament, I doubt I’ll be playing, what with my 20 handicap :laughing: