Bournie's Bag (Seaman)

Synthesizer Composition performed on a Nord Stage 88 Classic and Roland XV5050 (sound module). Created using Cubase Artist 6 software.

Composer - Paul David Seaman (2013). Dedicated to Matt Bourne.
Bournie’s Bag (mp3).mp3 (1.45 MB)

I have to admit that I find it very hard to find things to comment either positively or negatively on short solo-ish kinds of pieces like this, especially since jazz isn’t a genre I know very well yet. I guess the only thing I could really say is that it’d be cool to hear a 3:00 verse/chorus kind of piece with stuff that I can hum. :stuck_out_tongue: There are some cool licks and ideas there but solo/Improv stuff isn’t something I can usually get into.

Hi Johnathon,

Thanks for listening. :wink:

Well it’s was more to do with the ‘interaction’ between the instruments and also (me !!) trying to create a strong sense of (‘introspective’ in this case) atmosphere. But yes you are 100% in that there is NO TUNE !! Though there are re-occuring short motif’s.

i originally added some Compression to the Master Track but it made it sound un-natural. So i removed it in the end. lol

I’m not sure what this is but I like it.

Ta man. :smiley:

i laid the Bass line (on theXV5050) first. Then the Piano chords (on the Nord). And lastly the Sax (on the XV5050). But the challenge here was to try and make it sound like 3 x individual playing jamming together (ie. not 3 x individually recorded/layered tracks).

love the playing, don’t stop it needs to be very long :slight_smile:

Ha ha, cheers man. :wink:

i am just getting loads of ideas down and trying to learn how to record these in Cubase. So the usage and application of Cubase is the main objective of these tracks.

yes like it, instantly conjured up old black and white gangster films tense moments. havent you thought of calling it "bournies (seaman) bag" :mrgreen: soz couldn`t resist . yeh agree much longer.

Ta man. Well my last name is Seaman so i suppose i could call it that !! lol

Oh yes, there’s some cool stuff there for sure. I meant more like, that it’d be cool to hear those short motifs developed over a longer duration so it’d be like 2-4 minute piece.

Thanks Johathan,

i will bear that in mind next time mate.