Bowing mark in middle of tied note

Dear list,

is it possible to add a bowing mark in the middle of a tied note, such as

Or does it need to be faked?


Dear jmmmp,
Use the caret ! This is a general advice. Enter Note Entry mode (shift-N) and move the caret to the place where you want to input your Playing technique, dynamic or whatever and input it (invoke the shift-p popover, upbow and enter, or dynamic popover, etc…)


thanks. first steps in dorico…

You should also find that double-clicking the staff (not the note) where you want to invoke the caret positions it where the mouse-pointer was (as @pianoleo often recommends)

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I am glad you asked this early, as this is something that people (including Tantacrul…) do not guess and many waste time and energy on this topic, while the answer is so clear and elegant.
You have offered yourself some time!

Also, if you already have one these bow markings in your score, you can select it, and then alt-click (option-click on Mac) where you want to copy it. (This works much the same way in Sibelius.)