Bowing step by step

I’ve to bow note after note many pages…is it possible to move with arrows keys to the next note and to leave my mouse on the right panel on the up and down bow symbols during the whole process ?

For the moment, when i input a bow symbol i can’t move anymore with the arrows keys and i have to clic on the next note to enter the next symbol… a waste of time when you have many pages !
Have i missed something ?
Thank you

This is something that used to be easier - you’d now need to use Tab to get back to the note in order to then jump right.

If you’re working with relatively straightforward rhythms, set the rhythmic grid resolution to the same as your notated values, then input the upbows and downbows from the caret.

Alternatively, input one upbow then Alt-click wherever else you need it, then do all the downbows in the same way.

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Leo’s right, (as always); this is the fastest method.

Thank you pianoleo and Carlo,

From what you propose i won’t keep the caret method (too long) or the Tab one (my left hand is obliged to move constantly) for this repetitive and long work!
Even if i found it not fully efficient i will use then the Alt-clic method.
Moving the caret with space bar (as with fingering) would have been a good solution…but it is perhaps not possible !

You can of course move the caret with the spacebar, but then you will have to use the popover every single time.
Just selecting one downbow (or upbow) and alt click at the right positions will be faster, as you don’t have to be in note entry mode (with the caret visible)

I suspect if you’re happy to have one hand on the mouse, clicking the upbow and downbow playing techniques in the right panel, the quickest way to navigate note-to-note is actually with the caret invoked, but in conjunction with L (lock to duration). That way, each time you hit Space with your other hand, it’ll jump to the next note.

Ok ! i’ve just understood that i’m mistaken the 2 words caret and popover !! …sorry ! It is of course easy now with the carret to do as you say !!
Finaly the caret is more powerful than i thaught !
Thank you both of you :wink:

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