Box containing {@date@}

Screen Shot 2023-04-19 at 11.01.50 AM
I did something that caused these {@…@} expressions to grow boxes around them.
If you, dear reader, know the answer, I would much appreciate your sharing it with me.

You either changed the frame property to Bordered, or used a paragraph style that has the border “on”.

Unfortunately, the word frame is semantically overloaded in Dorico, making it unhelpful as a target for a search. I tried it without success. More context would help lead to the neighborhood of terms containing this usage of frame.

So I kept looking and found the problem shown in the attached screenshot.

I had the {@date@} expression attached to “Layout name” instead of “Default text”. I think I remember trying out these expressions and apparently left them in a state that would cause trouble later–today.


Wich Paragraph style are you using for the {@date@} token?

Under the menu Library, go to Paragraph Styles and see if the border option is activated (Layout name and Tacet are the paragrah styles that have Border as default).

First thing to come up when I searched “frame box(ed)” in the manual.

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Thanks, @Derrek. That’s exactly what I was thinking about. A text frame in the page template.

Exactly so! I just bumbled my way into that knowledge while you were busy helping. Thanks!