Box for fav Plugs ?

Hi, …
I am Robert and I’m an intern at Big K’s Studio. He still refuses to work with N6 and doesn’t want to dig any deeper into it. So, he lets me ask this question here: ist there a possibility to create a FX plugin folder in the FX menues which contains ones favorite, most often used Plugins?
Going through hundreds of fx to find the needed one in all those UAD, Waves, VST folders is really wasting a lot of time.


Sounds like a good idea! Ideally we would just have to set a flag on as many plug-ins as needed (not just two of them, like in ProT**ls).

… but it won’t save NU6’ GUI (Mixer-view, mostly) from being rather inefficient, especially compared to previous versions of the application…

Hello Dietz
Thank you for answering.

Maybe someone at SB picks up the idea.
Although, Rainer ( standing aside and greeting you ) does not beleave that. In fact, he gives it less chances than winning a lottery jackpot twice, he says…

Yes, N6 is in quite a few “innovations” a true pain in the bum. Never figured how they could do that. Big K is now quite happy with the Harrison MixBus DAW, and waits to see a studio-worthy upgrade. He likes its sound, analog feel and simplicity…can run Nuendo as Multitrack for it. Really nice for music, but still needs Midi and VSTi support.
Anyway …

Cheers from Munich!

“Maybe someone at SB picks up the idea.”

Steinberg did pick up the idea. But the outcome was not what you think.

Here’s what happened. VST2 plug-ins could be arranged on your plug-in menu in any way you wanted, because the structure of the VST plug-in menu mirrored the locations and folders in which the VST dll’s were kept on your hard drive.

DX plug-ins could NOT be arranged in folders on the plug-in menu. So many people asked for the ability to arrange their DX plug-ins like they could arrange their VST plug-ins.

Steinberg, predictably, therefore decided to drop support for DX plug-ins entirely, and write a VST 3 spec that would completely deprive users of the ability to arrange their plug-ins in the manner that would work best for them.

Note to Steinberg: Thanks for that.

If I remember correctly, in the next version (Q2), we’ll get a Plugin Manager … I hope.

I agree that being able to order/arrange plug-ins to be extremely essential, and REALLY miss that feature. The new search box - (was that introduced in N6 or N5 - I forget?) is very helpful, but not a substitute for being able to arrange/order them ourselves.

VST2 plugs can be ordered in any way you like. Just take care not to point the same plugs in different folders or it may get odd. The trouble is VST3, which are sorted either by manufacturer or the type declared in the plugin. We have no control over this at all, and because waves use the WaveShell it is not possible to tweak those either.
A plugin manager would be helpful although all we really need are additions to the VST2 plugin info screen:
1 - multiple select - disabling one at a time is tedious beyond belief.
2 - VST3 need to be included
It will be interesting to see what transpires though.

The process of loading a plug-in by simply entering some characters in the search box has completely eliminated the need for any plug-in menus here.

Same here, for working with the mixer. But… when it comes to working with plugins offline (which I do a lot), no new advantage. I get around that by assigning key commands, but it can be a pain in the butt when working with plugins that don’t see enough action to merit their own shortcut. It would be nice to be able to re-order them.


No, not for me it doesn’t…
Klicking twice with the hand already on the mouse is far less hussle than
looking away from screen , lifting hand over, punch in characters and go back to mouse.

And then there is also the fact that one might want to browse through the go-to plugs to find the best one for the job. With 300+ plugs at hand this sometimes becomes necessary.

Robert @ Big K’s studio
Big K in background making clicking noises…

Use tab to tab between fields so type a few characters, tab, arrow up/down to select.

If you know you want a compressor just type comp and browse through your compressors. It really is much faster when you get used to it.

Ironically, before the addition of the Media Bay, that was exactly how I handled my plug-ins. I made a separate folder for my EQ’s, Comps, Distortion, Filters and Reverbs. When I opened the insert or aux menus, those five folders showed up and I could select what I wanted very quickly. It worked great in Nuendo 1 -3.

By N4, I’d gotten the UAD bundle and found that I couldn’t place those plugs into the separate folders like the others. I assumed it was a mapping issue and didn’t bother pushing it. I figured that would just be a “6th folder.” I never bothered with N5. I went straight to N6 and started programming direct access to my favorite plugs with a one button function via my Euphonix MC Control.

When I saw this post, I decided to try the old folder routine on N5. Sadly, it didn’t work. So your only options will be as described earlier; using Key Commands (which works in the porject window but not in the mixer), going externally to do this with a controller, or you could make a template with all of your favorites preloaded BUT NOT ACTIVATED) in each channel of your mixer. The down side of the last suggestion is a slower opening of new projects because of the additional weight of all those plugs. But the work-around for that is to only pre-load the channels that hyou know will end up using those plugs about 90 - 95% of the time. That will lessen the load considerably.

I know how frustrating it is not being able to work the way you’d like with a product who promoted itself as one that would let you do just that. But there are always work-arounds. I hope you find one that will work for you.

Thanks for the kind words…

We have always found our way to cope with the strange ideas of SB and consorts.
I can just not understand why they woudn’t change or improve obviously nutty designs and ideas.
Meanwhile I am using another DAW for music and will stay N5 as long as technical possible.
N6 is ok for my interns, but not for me … It’ll end here …

Meanwhile I have had contact to many Nuendo users who I “converted” from
Alsihad and Illogic within those 13 odd years. And, oh what, they are lurking over
to other DAWs, too ( maybe a Bavarian thing…??), and some of them are just half my age.
So it is not just me, due to becomming a strange old coot…
Anyhow, N.M.P.

Greets from Robert and myself

Big K

That’s been my experience too, I just start typing the plugin I want and it’s there.

The windows 8.1 metro screen works in the same way so I’m now working with the new method in my OS as well.

Each to his own though and a plugin manager would be welcome addition as well.


When I have either Cubase or Nuendo booted up it is a near certainty that I have a guitar or bass in my hands. Using a computer keyboard while holding an instrument is neither convenient nor entirely risk-free. A mouse allows me to do most things while holding a guitar firmly with one hand whereas new versions of Cubase and Nuendo won’t. Additionally my studio is set up such that the computer keyboard is not in front of me, but off to one side. The increased need for the use of a computer keyboard is, as far as I’m concerned, extremely regressive.

On the other hand, the current plug-in arrangement - and so much else! - does seem to be in line with Steinberg’s desire to keep as many functions as possible hidden from the user. Their principle seems to be “if you can’t easily recall what it is and where it’s found, you probably don’t need it and shouldn’t even use it”.

Microsoft’s decision to deprecate the mouse (most apparent with the Start Menu) seems to be one of the reasons why Windows 8 has turned out to be such a failure. Steinberg is traveling the same road.

Another reason for Windows 8 failure seems to be the Start Menu and the decision to deprive the uses of the ability to build their own nesting menus and folders. That will also sound familiar to Steinberg users.

For these and many other reasons, upgrades I’ve bought past Nuendo 4 and the corresponding version of Cubase has been, for me, a complete waste of money.

I could not agree more… with the exception of N5, which does it for me.

Again, … give us an alternative GUI like the one of N5 and make many
users happy and buying the following upgrades.

Big K