Box notation

Hello all!

A quick search didn’t yield any results so: I’m composing a piece using box notation. Is it possible to “fake” box notation (boxes around notes + text and thick lines to show where they end) in the current version of Dorico and will aleatoric notation and other contemporary notation elements be added in the future?


The only way you could do it at the moment would be to draw a text frame over the top of the page in Engrave mode, and set it to have a border. This isn’t ideal, of course, because if the layout of the music changes the box won’t move with it.

We certainly plan to include support for these kinds of aleatoric notations in the future, but I’m afraid it won’t be added imminently.

Hi Daniel, as far as the thick line, is there a way to make a custom repeating character line or something (that would respond to shift-op-arrow key)? Some of the filled in boxes under “note clusters” could do for the repeating glyph if so.

I’ve seen some users do this.

You can also use Arrow Crafter font for some variations in lines, though it’s not exactly what you’re asking for.

Ah those are both interesting options and I’ll give them a try. I had no idea you could collapse/thicken a hairpin!

(also I see from the FB group that your username is Dan Kreider and not “Dank Reider” as I’ve been saying in my head up till now, so apologies :laughing: )

Ha! I get that a lot from people who know better. :laughing: