BPM change

I have a track I did ages ago that for some reason I did in 180 bpm instead of 90 bpm.
It’s a mixture of audio and midi.
Is there an easy way of getting all these tracks (40 odd) to the proper bpm without going through every individual track and editing, warping, time stretching etc?

Never tried it as such, but I would attempt to use a Transpose track, in this case, which seems to be suited for this kind of global transposing tasks… :neutral_face:

EDIT : the transpose track feature seems to be available only in Cubase Pro and Artist versions…

I don’t know if with track you mean a song or a track in the track list of the project window.

If you want to halve the bpm it should be relatively easy:

  • set every track in your project to Time Base

  • for every audio event make sure it is NOT set to Musical Mode

That should ensure that everything remains on the same spot on the absolute timeline. Of course, if you look in Bars & Beats at your project all positions will be at half of their former position (e.g. bar 8 will become bar 4).

Thanks chaps, I tried those methods which gets it into the ballpark but still not exact for whatever reason (probably me)
I’ve found rerecording the live musical stuff is quicker than editing.
Cheers anyway!