braces 2.2

Nice feature, but still can’t place a brace in the middle of a system?

Would you need this for old-fashioned style divisi?

No, for organ. If you change manuals in the middle of the stave you need a new brace to show the change, or 2 sub braces if playing on 2 different manuals and that can happen anywhere in the piece.

It would certainly be nice to have an easy way to use keyboard “brackets” like the first attachment, but I can’t quite see how changing the braces in the middle of a system would help with an organ score like the second attachment.
keyboard brackets.png

The braces we are talking about here should really be considered more like an articulation or technique (or even text) than an actual bracket/brace and should be implemented differently than the standard left-margin braces. Certainly having the capability is important to organ music.

I would love to be able to place curly braces within the scores as well (some older editions do this) and while you can fake it now, it is really cumbersome. I hope these things (and the brackets you mention) will be implemented with more comprehensive lines in the next version.

Plus, in modern music it may be handy to be able to freely place brackets/braces, although can’t think of a reason at the moment outside of organ music.
The Mendelssohn example seems a bit clunky to me but it would work, although not ideal.

All the Mendelssohn needs is “I” and “II” - get rid of the “Clav.”

More modern organ scores are not always models of common sense either - this doesn’t USE more than 3 staves out of 6 anywhere in the whole movement! But it does have a bracket, even though it doesn’t really need it. Don’t ask about the weird stem directions!

Rob: have to admit I don’t care for that last example.