Braces in parts

The template I’m using for Brass Band seems to correctly apply braces to the score (at least, it’s good enough)
However, I was quite surprised to see braces appearing in the Parts. (See attachments).
I can’t see a way to prevent this happening and still retain the braces in the score. Any ideas (or just a current limitation?)


There’s nothing much you can do at the moment, alas, except the really gross solution of changing the bracketing options in Engraving Options before you print/export graphics from your part layouts.

Really the bracketing/bracing options currently in Engraving Options need to be Layout Options so that they can be varied per layout. Or at the least we need to change the logic for showing a bracket for a single staff to only do so if there is more than one instrument in the system, which is probably something we can do more quickly.

Thanks Daniel.

I’ll figure out how to do that workaround, and look forward to future developments.