Braces to Brackets on a choir instrument

I’m currently using a Choir player, witch have braces to join the 2 staves.
In my situation, the 2 staves correspond to the SA + TB voices.

In our case, since we are used to read music with brackets instead of braces, how I can change them (better globally) in my project?

You can’t change the bracketing globally for an instrument (and an “instrument” is what the “Choir (reduction)” is), but you can change it on a per flow basis like this:

Alternatively you could use a single Voice instrument, within a Section Player, then utilise the Divisi functionality to split it across two staves. The bracketing will then be correct by default.

Thank you! I looked everywhere except this panel. I knew I’ve seen it somewhere already!
However, I still didn’t found the option to change the bracketing globally…

Also I’m not very confortable to use the Divisi functionality here in my project. Because I should use it everywhere (I’ve always 2 staves for SA and TB), and I feel it might be more a place for the condensed feature (when it will be ready for choral music and lyrics placement).

It makes me think about what would be the best practice for Choir music, having most of the cases 2 staves, the first for SA, the 2nd for TB.
Should I use instead 2 players, one “Soprano” (containing the two S+A voices) and one “Bass” (containing T+B voices)? Here my brackets issue would be fixed by default, and when the condensed feature for choral will be more mature, I will be able to separate each voices on 4 separated players.

Using two separate players would indeed be a good option, though of course you then have a different issue if you want to centre the name “Choir” to the left of the staves.