Bracket and Barline Changes are not saved in Project Templates?

I think this video shows it pretty accurately.
I have a project with custom brackets and bar lines and I want to convert it to a template.
But when I save the template, the bar lines and brackets are reset to the default settings.
Is there any way to solve this problem?

Score Reduction Template.dorico (524.0 KB)

Looking at your file, what you want is all instruments in one bracket? Go to Layout Options > Brackets and Braces and choose the Small ensemble option.

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Thanks! This solves the bracket problem! Is there a solution for the barlines?

I just tried it with another project file. There the bracket and barline changes are not saved either. So I think it is not because of the settings I made.

Sorry, I didn’t even notice the barline joins. I can’t find a setting to have a bracket and no joins except for vocal ‘instruments’.

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hmm. okay. Then I’ll have to do this manually for each new project.
Thanks anyway for the bracket solution! If the bar lines do not extend beyond the individual staffs, it is simply much clearer.

The bracket and barline change will be preserved if you preserve the existing flow(s) in the project when you save it as a template.

Ah! Thanks so much! I feel like Alan Silvestri right now:

But then I just discovered that the change does not apply in new flows, and copying the signpost with ALT does not work either. Is there a workaround for this problem?

No, unfortunately I don’t think there’s a workaround for this. What’s really needed, I think, is an option to produce no barline joins when you’re using a single bracket to join all of the staves. We’ll take a look at adding that in the future.

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Okay. Until then, I will just enable this option:


and then delete the change signpost, which leads to the following result: