Bracket for Boys Choir

Hopefully this is an easy question!

Is there a way that I can extend the thin bracket to the right that is joining my Boys’ Choir II and Boys’ Choir III so that it extends to all three parts, not just II & III?

I can’t seem to locate this in the engraving options menu…Unless it does not exist.

Thank you!
Boys' choir bracket.png

What are the underlying instruments you’re using for the boy choirs? (i.e. when you set up your score, obviously, there’s no “boy choir” instrument, so you must have chosen an instrument or voice and then renamed it to “boy choir”). Are all three choirs using the same instrument? If I had to guess, it looks like boy choir 1 is using a different instrument than the rest, but if you change them to all have the same one (which you can easily make sure you’ve done by using the “duplicate player” button when you’re setting up), the bracket will extend the way you want it (see attached).

I don’t know if they’ve added the functionality yet to fiddle with the bracket yourself, but I’m pretty sure they plan to.
boy choir bracket.JPG

Oh yes - brilliant! That did the trick…