Bracket for single note in second voice

How do I get the end bracket to end after the 1/2-note?
Only the 2nd voice note has bracket set in properties.

I also would like close ( ) for


Edit: I found out that moving in Engrave mode will reset the ( ). Not sure this is the best implementation, I would expect he ( ) to only enclose the note the properties is set to, but it works to move it in Engrave mode.

Hi Mats,
I managed to obtain what you want as follows:
in engrave mode, look for “Note Spacing” in the Properties panel. Select the whole note/s and increase the “Voice Column X offset” till it will be enough space that Dorico can place the right bracket near the half note. (for me was 1 1/4). Hope it helps.
(in the Notes and Rest properties I first assigned the half note to have Voice Column Index = 0 and the whole note/s Voice Column Index = 1)
(make sure you reset the manual offsets first…)

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Hi Christan,

Interesting. I tried the above but Dorico seems to have some very peculiar reference points that make no sense (to me).
1/2-note = Voice col. 0
1/2-notes = Voice col. 1
All 1/1-notes in 2nd bar set to offset 1 1/4

They do not align well for the same numerical input

As can be seen in the following image the top notes do not have the same “anchor point” as the other;

(Removing the 2nd will fix that). This might be a bug. There is also a slight difference in tie alignment where a correction of 1/16 needs to be done. Probably also a bug.

Team: Could we please have vertical guidelines for notes as well (like for text)? One has to apply a “poor man’s ruler” (i.e. some vertical item in the GUI) to align them. (It is better if the numerical values would work, but rulers can be useful anyhow.)

I see, in your context (vertical position of the whole notes in different staves) it seem more appropriate then to invert my suggested assignments: assign the whole notes to index 0 and the half note to index 1 and increase the Voice column offset X for the half note.
As for the anchor points (that I think you don’t need to adjust if you use the properties panel) not sure as what you are referring to when you say “removing the 2nd”… Maybe someone else has suggestions…

I forgot to write “voice”, 2nd voice note.

I tried swapping the voice col and applying a negative offset to voice 2;

I have no idea why the tie is anchored to 2nd voice… Does anyone that has an explanation?

Besides the tie, this is a good method to have the 1/1-notes aligned while moving the 2nd voice to the left until he ( ) encloses that note only.

As for the tie, it is difficult to see what is going on because of the cutoff example. If you wish to share the file (or a section of it) would be helpful to find what is causing the issue.

I pasted in the 3 bars in a new default project
Untitled Project 23-02-12.dorico (526.5 KB)

I hope this can help to find what is going on.

Thank you for the attachment.
For some reason the tie in second bar is following the Voice column X offset of another voice (!)

Mhh, after trying, the only two solutions that I found are (in engraving mode properties):

  • select the tie in second bar and under Ties set a Start X offset of 2 7/8 to compensate for the tie moving position)
  • decide to have the half note in second bar on the right of the whole notes, so changing its Note spacing/Voice column X offset from -3 to 1/2

Thanks. I will try these methods.

Yes, it seems to be a bug in Dorico that makes this quite fiddly.

I don’t understand why Dorico even expands the ( ) when close to another note. If the bracket property is set on one (1) specific note, it should not enclose other notes as well IMO.

I think it is because Dorico prioritize the note position, and if he doesn’t find the place for the bracket, it puts it on the next free place that it finds… Maybe I’m wrong and there are other reasons and someone can tell us more…