Bracket Styles

Are there plans in the future to incorporate different brace/bracket styles in the future beyond the ones currently offered? I also imagine this is connected to issues of music fonts as well.

I’m not sure what other bracket styles you might be looking for – do let me know what else is required here.

As for different brace styles, yes, the brace comes from the music font in use, so changing the music font would also provide a change to the appearance of the brace.

There’s a variety of different ways the wingtips have been used by different engravers, and different softwares have styles as well. It’d be nice to have more options that the couple allowed currently (i.e., wings or no wings).

Like braces, the bracket wings are provided by the music font as well. Daniel has eluded to increased flexibility with regard to font and character selection in due course, so hopefully this will be applied to brackets as well as other score elements.