Bracket tool in wish list

In writing harp music for pupils (not for ordinary composing) harpists use brackets to indicate the notes that should be placed simultaneously with fingers. Enclosed is an image made with Dorico that shows the use of brackets in harp notation. Brackets can be used in combination with normal slurs or without fingerings. Although one can mimic those brackets in Dorico with pedal lines using hook appearence it is quite a laborious task.

Has somebody a better solution for creating brackets in Dorico?

In my wish list is either a bracket tool or a hooked version of slurs to create brackets easily.

If you search the forum, you can find quite a few threads on the topic of brackets. They are not currently natively possible, but there are workarounds.

Yes, you can use a 1:1 ratio tuplet and then hide the number via Properties. But we do certainly plan to add these kinds of brackets in the future, as they’re needed for all sorts of things.