Bracketed fermata

Hi! Is bracketed fermata possible in Dorico?
Like this


No, at the moment this isn’t something that Dorico supports.

Ok, thanks. It’s an FR then

You can create something that looks like this using a horizontal line with a fermata symbol as a central annotation, for what it’s worth.

Thanks! I’ll try that.
I wouldn’t expect it to play back anyway.

May I ask how this structure would be meant to sound? I’ve never seen such a thing.


Unusual. But quite intuitive to most people.
The first one is equal to a rit and a tempo
The second one would be small fermatas on all notes in the bracket.

I would find riten. and a tempo much clearer to read.


Writing a few grace notes (I’d suggest crotchets) as a sort of short cadenza would also convey what’s apparently intented.

What do you find unusual - the fact that I have never seen such a thing or the bracketed fermata itself? :smiley:
No worries, I’m living in the wind band world where I mostly work with and write for amateurs. We never use or see the Cool Stuff :wink: