Bracketed note (shared)

Should the bracket contain just one notehead, or both when it is applied to one of them. I want the first D to be bracketed, but not the second. I can move things about in Engrave, but just wondering if Dorico should assume both are to be bracketed by default or just the one it is applied to which is what I have done in properties.

Perhaps the answer is to bracket the D in the treble clef and not to bring it to the lower staff.

What Derrek said. But as a keyboard player, it’s hard to see what is the point of the bracket. “Unison” notes on two staves are nothing unusual, and only beginners need to be told not to try to play them with a finger on each hand.

Thank you Derrek and Rob, sorry for a misunderstanding, the notes are slightly random. My question was of Dorico’s brackets including both notes when I had set it to just the one.

Dorico won’t adjust the notes to position the brackets, but rather position the brackets around the notes. The first available spot for the bracket to go is immediately to the right of the down-stem note, so that’s where it goes.