Bracketed notehead

I’m trying to change a single notehead to a bracketed one (ghost note) and the online manual suggested Edit>Notehead?Toggle
I can’t see this option - has something changed?



Ghost notes were previously limited to percussion. Now any instrument can have bracketed noteheads. Select the note, go to the properties panel, find the Bracketed Noteheads section, flick the switch and choose whether you want Round or Square brackets. It’s much easier to do than to explain!

Hi Darren, Leo’s right that how Dorico handles ghost notes for percussion specifically changed a bit during Version 3 to allow all notes to have brackets, and part of that introduced a menu option Edit>Notehead>Toggle Round Brackets or Toggle Square Brackets (as you can then assign your own key command to those if you do this frequently). That menu option is included as a tip at the end of the task I linked, but the main steps point you to the property in the Properties panel.

Which version of Dorico do you have? If it’s 3.0 or earlier, you won’t have the menu option or be able to show brackets on any notehead, only unpitched percussion.

Thanks Leo and Lillie,

Ah yes I have 3 - I haven’t upgraded yet. Will do so.

If you have 3.0, you should be able to update to 3.1 for free (as 3.1 was an update to 3.0) and 3.1 includes bracketed noteheads; moving up to 3.5 is a paid update.