Bracketing articulations via Music Symbols Editor

I have a need for bracketed tenuto marks above the staff.
I figured the most semantically appropriate workaround was to replace the “Stress above” articulation in the Music Symbols Editor, and that’s what I’ve attempted to do here.

Something weird’s going on, though. My understanding is that both of these should be using the same articulation - and they actually are; I’ve not touched the “Stress below” articulation - it’s just that the second one is completely misrepresenting the attachment points of the individual glyphs.

I’ll probably resort to a custom Playing Technique instead, but I’m wondering what’s going wrong here.

Project attached.
stressabove.dorico (415.0 KB)

I’ve had the same experience. In my case I am using a bracketed accent but the result is the same. Simply clicking on the articulation usually causes it to revert to how it should be but the next time I open the project they are wrong again. I would also be curious to know why.

The problem here is caused by the fact that Dorico has an incorrect assumption that each articulation will consist of a music symbol with just one component in it, and so when it has to fine-tune the position of the articulations on the stem-side, it’s getting confused about whether each glyph is part of the same or a different articulation. We’ll fix this in due course. Thanks for reporting it.

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Thanks Daniel.

If you add the glyphs as Text in the Music Symbols Editor rather than Glyphs, Dorico will combine them into a single component. The parentheses look too big here, but you get the idea. I just copied and pasted from the SMuFL site, so there are probably some smaller parentheses somewhere in there.

StressAboveEdit.dorico (449.3 KB)


I’ll play with that - thanks Todd!

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