Bracketing several instruments

Can anyone please walk me through the following setup (in Dorico 2.1)? I have read the documents, checked the forum and viewed the videos — to no avail.

I need to set up 4 Trumpets in Eb (WITH key signatures) on two bracketed staves: 1 & 2 on stave 1; 3 & 4 on stave 2. I don’t want numbers at the start, just “4 Trumpets in Eb” to the left of the bracket, midway between the two staves. I can handle the transposed/concert pitch display stuff.

Any help much appreciated!


In Engraving Options, go to Staff Labels. There is an option to Display labels like you want.

EDIT: Sorry, I missed the part of NO numbers at the start. My brain is in another universe right now so, I don’t have a good answer. :confused:

Thank you, Dan and Craig. I don’t think Dorico can quite do exactly what I want yet, but you have both helped me find ways to fudge it for now. :smiley:

Glad I was actually of some help. :smiley: I was really out of it earlier today.