Brackets display problem

I am preparing a choral score with piano, wind chimes, and violin. I need the bracket to show on the choral section even when there is only one staff (customary for choral music), but I do not want the bracket to show on the violin and wind chimes parts, since they are soloists and should not have a bracket. All I have been able to find is an all-or-nothing solution: either allow brackets on single staves (but then they show for the solo instruments), or hide brackets on single staves (in which case they are missing on the choir part when it has only one staff). What is the solution?

You can make manual bracket changes in Engrave mode.

I tried to highlight the bracket I do not want to delete, but it also deleted the other brackets. Would you mind pointing me to how I can make these changes in Engrave mode?

This video might be helpful:

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Yes! Thank you.