Brackets don't include accidental if scaled down

The kind of bracket I use for an ossia on the same stem stops enclosing the accidental when the notehead is scaled down, as this clip shows:

This happens at 70% in Bravura and at 85% in MTF-Cadence, so, if I’m using the latter I can’t set the scale at cue size, but in actual fact 85% doesn’t look too bad. But am I correct in thinking that the recourse for scaling below the thresholds is to use text brackets?

Are you definitely running Dorico 3.5.12, the most recent minor update? Check the version in Help > About Dorico (in the Dorico menu on macOS). If you’re not running the most recent version, you can get it here.

Whoops, Daniel, I’m not. I’m on Sorry about that - I shall update immediately.


Ah, well, Dorico 3.5 is a paid update, I’m sorry to say. This is the product you need from our online shop.

Whoops again. Sorry, I was reading the wrong line - the one about the audio engine. My version is (Feb 15 2021). That seems to be the most recent update, yes?

Ah yes, that is indeed the most recent update. Then in that case I would expect the parentheses to draw at any scale factor, but perhaps the issue is as you say that once the scaling goes below a particular size, it ends up using characters that are simply not included in the font you’re using. You could go to Engrave > Music Symbols and replace those symbols with ones from Bravura if you can find them (off the top of my head I’m not sure what category they would be in).

Thanks. Just a note, though, that the same occurs with the Bravura font (at 70% scaling). But no matter - as I mentioned, 85% works perfectly well.