Hello everyone.
I searched everywhere on the forum, but maybe my knowledge of the English language has limits …
I would like to put a main bracket on the whole height of the system because it is a choral score. In case of divisi, appears a secondary hook. Good !
But as each group also has to kick their feet, I have to insert a 1-line percussion part under each instrumentalist. And when I do that, the main bracket stops. I would like it to be the same hook because the percussion parts are made by the singers.

If I gather all the instrumentalists in one group, it does not change anything.
Would anyone have an idea, please?


Engraving Options > Brackets and Braces > Small Ensemble :wink:

Yes. Thanks, Snakeeyes021.
But in this case, there is no secondary brackets…

Cher Sinfonie,
I’m afraid there’s no better advice yet than the one snakeeyes gave you. We’re waiting for an update on bracketing and labelling staves, and when the team tackles it, hopefully this will be great ^^ (as usual)

Thanks, MarcLarcher.
Yes, it will be great as usual !
But when ? :wink:
Do we have an idea of the date?

Not yet.

Just a small note to new Dorico users searching the forum. The ensemble type option has moved to Layout options -> Brackets and Braces. I was confused for a while until I found it. :confused: Now back to my score!

To keep things complete: there are custom bracketing, bracing and barline join tools available in the left panel of Engrave mode