brainwork bx subfilter

Hello Cubasers

After a long period of unexplainable realtime peaks and audio dropouts, I decided to systematically track down what was the cause for this erratic behaviour and after some plugin removing I discovered the culprit; it was the bx sub filter form brainwork so it was deleted and now Cubase is running as expected.

It’s a VST3 plugin for enhancing the low end in tracks and mixes.

The plug was located in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3 on my Mac mini with 16 GB Ram and a 5400RPM 500 GB HD

I wrote brainworx as well, so hopefully they will correct the plug as it’s a really nice one.

If other have problems of this character, I’d suggest checking your plugins, especially the VST3

Best regards, Brock

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The same problem . Win 10 cubase 10 pro .Deleted bx sub and now its ok.