brand new 2011 MacBook Pro not charging in cubase

Hey guys,

I’ve just purchased cubase 6 and a new macbook pro (quad core 2.2, 8 gig of ram). I’m liking the new cubase and am impressed by the performane of the macbook but i’ve encountered a strange issue - hopefully someone here can shed some light on this. Basically, i began noticing last week that in projects where cpu load began creeping up to the 20 - 30% mark the light on the magsafe power adapter went green and the battery stopped charging, even though the battery was metering at around 75% full. Furthermore, i noticed that after working for a few hours the battery was actually depleting around 5 - 10% per hour with the power adater plugged in. This was a little troubling to say the least - especially considering the machine wasn’t really even under a considerable load (20 -30% cpu usage shouldn’t present power management problems!)

Thinking it was some sort of battery/hardware defect i returned to the local apple store immediately. The guys there ran 48 hours of stress tests (and even replaced the logic board) and have confirmed it’s not a hardware issue. They actually couldn’t replicate the issue outside of cubase and so believe its definitely a software problem with cubase. So basically i’m wondering if anyone here has experienced this, or might have an idea as to what might be causing the problem?

Any ideas greatly appreciated!

Is there some sort of safety feature that prevents the battery from charging when it reaches a certain temperature? It seems many have this problem (or one that is similar). I would bet it is due to heat or power consumption and thus far Cubase is the only application that uses enough power or generates enough heat to cause it. See if it happens outside of Cubase with something that pushes the CPU hard for a bit.