Brand new PC - Brand new Cubase Pro 8 and keeps crushing

Hello Folks,

This is my first post on this forum and I wish I started with a happier one.
I have a new desktop PC with a flamboyant i7 CPU, 8GB RAM, windows 7 64-bit. The audio interface is Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. I installed Cubase Pro 8 64-bit and Kontakt5 from Native Instrument. It seems to work smoothly and then all of a sudden it crushes and I lose my last edits since the last time i saved. It keeps doing it when I expect it the least. It’s really annoying. What can it be? What can I do?

Hi - sorry to hear about all that. It could be any one of a few things … but here is a troubleshooting guide from Steinberg from Cubase to help work through it. Of course you can post back here for any specific questions, someone should be able to help out!

Some details about what you are doing when it crashes, what sort of errors you get when a crash occurrs, and other details would probably help narrow it down.

Your spelling of crash has me crushed however :laughing: