Brand New system advice please

Hi all

I’m after some advice please on building a brand new system and what I’d need to upgrade from a rather old setup to a really good standard.
I’m looking to compose orchestral pieces as well as continuing to write/record catchy pop songs.

I need a new Audio workstation that will be able to take my Korg I3 synth via midi and feed into Cubase.
Currently I run it through a Sound Blaster Fatal1ty sound card which has midi in/out via the front panel directly into Cubase (old version)

I will be signing up to ComposerCloud so that I can get all of the decent symphonic plugins that I’d like to use.

I will be purchasing a new Cubase license with the aim of getting it to 10.5
I’ve seen this bundle, which gives an audio interface along with a version of Cubase AI, that can be upgraded to 10.5 for just £294.

Q1 : Is that a legitimate and sensible way to achieve Cubase 10.5 pro ?

Q2 : What Audio interface do I need to run my Korg i3 into my new workstation that will work with Cubase 10.5 pro ? (Assuming that one above included with the bundle isn’t good)

Q3 : What sound card do I need for my new PC ?

Q4 : For the PC, what processor/ram/hard drive etc would you recommend to run all of the things I want, ie the version of Cubase with probably lots of instruments from the ComposerCloud without the machine stuttering/artefacting…?

Q5 : I’ve been looking here at an i9 EVO Pro Music PC.
Is this trustworthy and decently priced for what you get ?

Many thanks for any advice given.

If you can get a Cubase Pro and a soundcard for less than £300 jump on it - it should be a good deal

I saw Korg i3 launched on NAMM this year?!? I take it there is an older version? If it has usb you should be able to connect it directly to your computer, if it only has midi output buy a usb Midi interface like Roland UM-ONE MK2 USB MIDI Interface 1 or similar (there are plenty to pick from).

If you do not record more then 1 channel at the time just stick with the Steinberg soundcard bundled with Cubase that you are thinking of buying. It has low latency drivers which would be the most important thing for your composing needs with the composer cloud. I have a few friends using Steinberg sound cards with great results. I highly recommend RME card, if I didn’t have that I would definitely look into Universal Audio. I all depends on your needs for inputs really

The dude that runs Scan that you are looking at already seems to have great knowledge concerning computers for DAW use, why not tell him what you want to do and he surely will find you a great computer setup.

anyways the computer I would go for now I think is the I9 9900, with a minimum of 32 gb ram, and 2x m2 disc drives. 1 for the operating system , daw and plugins and 1 disc for projects. then add some cheaper discs for sample and composer cloud storage.

Thanks Glenn, appreciate the comments muchly. Will get that bundle then if it’s a super deal :slight_smile: Cheers mate, was just making sure I wasn’t overlooking anything else out there that better educated people than myself might know about.

The Korg I3 is a very old synth, probably over 20 years old by now. So yeah only midi on that one.

Good call on speaking directly to them. Sounds stupid, but I didn’t even think of that. Thought I’d try people here first who aren’t biased towards any website :slight_smile:

Nice one on the i9 9900, that’s what I was gravitating towards. Good idea re the drives.