Brand New UR22C constant audio stuttering

This feels pretty much hopeless as I’ve been looking around at all the other forum posts regarding this issue, and it seems there’s been zero answer from Steinberg regarding a fix at any point …

I run a win10 pc Intel i7 7700K, 24GB DDR Ram PC. My device is plugged into a 3.1 USB port, and I’ve set the control panel to 3.1 Super speed already.

I bought the interface today after bouts with focusrite garbage hoping it would get better, but seemingly its gotten worse. I’m getting constant audio stuttering from any form of playback on my PC (Spotify, YouTube, REAPER). I’ve gone through all the power settings on USB ports, changed all power mode issues with USB/Processor stuff. I’ve already tried all buffer sizes in the control panel, and the HZ is set to the same as my PC.

This is ridiculous to be quite honest, how is there no single USB interface that is as simple as, plug it in, download a driver and play.

I’m really hoping for an answer or a fix that someone has stumbled across that I haven’t found or tried after hours of searching.

have you tried running Latencymon ? (google it :slight_smile: )

does that show any problems ?

Issue has no evolved into no sound being made what so ever. Interface is showing up in my device manager as primary audio device. It’s gone from stuttering to just nothing at all. Latencymon shows no errors from what i can see.

Same here. I’ve got a warning paper with my UR22C that if its having audio dropouts we need to switch to USB2.0 in the “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver Control Panel”. Which I downloaded and installed. And which I cannot access ANYWHERE. Do you know how to access that?

Ok I don’t want to be too happy just yet, but now I listen to audio (youtube+winamp simultaneously) 10 min without any problems. before it was stuttering every 3-6 sec and at times Bzzzzzing and going mute for 5-10 sec. The whole device disappeared from the device list for seconds at a time. I found how to access the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver Control Panel! Start typing YSUSB into the start menu and it will suggest a red icon. You can also type CONTROL PANEL, but it wont be the first find obviously. Its an app called Control Panel with a red icon with blue arrows and an USB icon. Then switch the USB mode to high-speed and hopefully problem solved.

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