[BRAND NEW] UR24C with Audio interruption


I just got a brand new ur24c today… but while I’m playing CSGO the audio keeps ducking a lot of times, unfortunately.

The Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver says the “audio interruption due to USB error is detected. Refer to the troubleshooting in the operation manual”.

I was using a USB-C port with another cable, so a switch to another USB 3.0 port with the original cable, but the problem continued, then I switch the USB mode… the problem still persists… just happens while I’m playing CS.

I also changed the modes, buffer size, etc.

I still with the problem.

[Using windows 10 Home Single Language, version: 1909; build: 18363].

It could be your display driver. Try running the free download software “Latency Monitor” and check if there is any driver that causes issues.

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You’re right, thank you!

The Latency Monitor said exactly that, lol.

Later I’ll try to fix this.

With the CSGO running…

Check the “DRIVERS” tab for further details.

Sorry for the delay…


I updated almost all those drivers, but I got no luck. How is an old laptop… It’s probably his fault.

Intel i7 7500u […] with a GF 940mx 2gb.

I had a Gforce card which gave constant dropouts, swopped it for an cheap AMD and all issues were gone.