Brass samples in Halion 6

After hearing the brass samples someone at steinberg needs to be fired. They are absolutely awful. Did someone who doesn’t know brass instruments do this or what. You should not even think about releasing Halion 6 until this is fixed. You will be a laughing stock.

I agree, it is a a little bit of a let down…
I think this is at least the second ‘demo of this new library’ I’ve seen/heard o the web.
There seems to be more percussion/rhythm of other instruments overwhelming the audio demo - which does not showcase the instrument/samples at all => i.e. I would like to hear a SOLO demo ?!
I was hoping for something HOT, ( at least as good as “session horns pro” … ) , but it sounds a little more tepid/luke-warm for me.

… anyone have any information about :

  • the ensemble make up
  • the articulations,
  • are the articulations accessible in Cubase midi-editors


I am sorry that you feel let down. Please give the brass sounds a chance and don’t judge before you even have played them. The Hot Brass library is a good sounding bread-and-butter brass section that adds instruments and articulations to the HALion content that are not represented in the current library.

But if you are expecting the same features as a 30GB product that costs more than HALion Sonic itself (like Session Horns Pro), maybe your expectations will not be met.

fair point Matthias.
regarding the “Please give the brass sounds a chance and don’t judge before you even have played them.” - =>
Will there be a TRIAL version available at the same time of the ‘purchase version’ release?
OR is the trial version not going to be released either (1) on the same date, or (2) at a fair and reasonable near date so as give us an opportunity to try-before-we-buy (and avoid buyer/bill shock so to speak)

kind regards

Yes, there will be a full-feature 30-day trial available a couple of weeks after the release of H6.

It’s funny, when I heard the library I thought the exact opposite, and was quite excited. If you consider the target audience (pop music) the horns sound perfect.


I took a listen to the brass audio demo on the Steinberg website.

I gotta say, if I were them I would take that down. I usually don’t criticise audio demos like this without trying hands on, but this was the cheesiest brass I may have ever heard. The existing brass in Halion sounds better than those, I would rather use a GM instrument.

Maybe it was that the music wasn’t to my tastes, but that was the scratchiest rubberiest harsh sound!

If it’s true that these sound better mixed and layered I will have to see. I think I still like HSO brass sounds for pop a lot better, not even in same ballpark.

But the Pianos sounded very good, I would definitely use them.

With due respect, the brass sounds I hear in both of these demos pale in comparison to the brass library on my Korg Kronos and even the older M3, neither of which required anything close to 30 gigs to produce. 3 gigs or thirty gigs isn’t the question, it’s the quality. Yes, I am aware tjhat

This is an issue I’ve long had with VST sample libraries: these companies always tout the size of the library as though that’s an indication of quality. 100 gigs of mediocre or even downright cheesy sounds is just that: 100 gigs of mediocre cheese.

All the articulations and layers in the world can’t account for poor tone or color. Further, the second demo doesn’t even attempt to give us broad brush strokes on different sounds and styles in the library.
Since demoes are or at least should be an example given to showcase the product and entice buyers to spend their money, why is it unfair to judge the product by the companies chosen presentation?

The demo is literally all I have to go by when it comes to spending my money on the product so how is it fair to ask potential buyers NOT to judge the product based on the demo?

The correct response to such negative feedback is to reevaluate the quality of the demo chosen to present the product, not to ask potential customers to withhold judgment based on the demo chosen to present the product.

It’s a fundamentally backward method of marketing and market research.

It’s a pretty awful demo. The instruments sound like some sort of '80s synth brass patch.

Not a good way to tempt the user base.

Is it free with H6?

I don’t think the hot brass lib is bad, the demo just shows bad keyboard playing. They played the brass like an organ and did the same with the studio string lib. With good patch programming and good playing techniques, I believe results will sound much much better!

Hi lcceo22,
I totally agree with your reply.
You had all the right content and quality points,
all the required bread-n-butter, to get me nodding in agreement and bopping along to your song.


It’s bothering me not.
For me it’s live record the reason to but H6.
I one a PSR-S970 no VTSi can deal with this beast.

hmm, I should go an listen to this PSR-S970

… seems like it was released around July 2015, and wow its a Yamaha kbd product, (the parent company to SB).
Maybe there’s no synergy on where product divisions get their basic staple content and source-samples.

Looks like they heard you.

That’s better!

Indeed that is much much better.
They need to remove the other one.

Well, having gone through all the new brass presets, I have to agree with the op. Pretty cheesey/nasty sounding brass. Loving skylab though.

I played for a while with them too, and had sort of impression that I’m trying out a brand new rompler somewhere in 2002-2003 or earlier. Reminded me of Proteus 2000. Maybe we’re a bit spoiled with realistic modern brass libraries.

What I expected from this brass add-on was at least actual sections of a typical brass band – trumpet section, trombone section, sax section. And keyswitched articulations, at least basic ones – sustain, staccato, falls, shakes.

Instead we get Brass Section 1, Brass section 2, Brass section 3 (different combinations of trumpets and bones), and Sax section. There are articulations as separate patches, and there is, for example, Brass section 1 Doits, but no Doits for the Brass Section 2 and 3. There are Swells for 3, but not for 1 and 2.

There are “RR” patches – does RR stand for “round robin”? Anyway, those TWO alternating samples sound very lame, because they sound too different, and because there are, well, only two of them.

I really like the brass sounds, finally some FAST and IN TUNE brass i can use that is NOT my Chris Hein Horns (arghhhh, high Chris… arghh )…

Am i missing something here or is it not possible to have SOLO sounds with Hot Brass? Every sound has a lower octave which i would love to dial out somehow without shelving it out with EQ. Is there a way??

I suppose there’s no way to do that. It’s in the samples.