Bravo new plugins

I haven’t posted in here in years. I just wanted to let Steinberg know that they knocked it out of the park with the sound of the new plugins, specifically the Vocal Chain, the Pultec emulations, and the Black Valve plugin. If they keep doing this I won’t need a a lot of my Universal Audio plugins to mic with anymore. I’m seriously impressed. I have the UA Pultec collection which is the best Pultec emulation in a plugin you can get, and I really can’t hear the difference. Steinberg really nailed it.

The only cons are regarding the Vocal Chain plugin. It’s causing my ASIO meter to go crazy with continuous spikes stopping all audio. I’m assuming that will be addressed in the next maintenance release. As far as using while tracking the latency is way too high to be of any use while tracking in real time. I just use something else while tracking and then go back and insert the vocal chain plugin while mixing. Not a huge an issue for me but for some I’m sure it is and they would be able to track with it in real time.

The only thing I really rely on from UA is the API channel strip. I can’t find any stock plugins that really make my drums as punchy as that API channel strip compressor. If Steinberg were to make an emulation of the API channel strip or even just the channel strip compressor they would really knock it out of the park. So that’s my future request after all of the bugs are addressed.

The Vocal Chain has really replaced a lot of my UA plugins that I would normally use for vocals. Generally the 1176 rev an and the Neve 1073 or 1084 channel strip. The new Vocal Chain plugin just sounds stunning. Everything on it from the compressor (love that extreme setting) to the pultec emulation in the channel strip, to the exciter which sounds awesome.

Well, have a good day everyone.


I’m getting a lot of use from black valve. It really sounds great

Just commenting here because I told the exact same things for my friend like 100% :joy: can’t belive! If they make the api my uads are out. VocalChain is sooooo good