Break percussion beams in cut time

Are there any tricks to break beams selectively in a percussion part?

This is in cut time. I want the notes in the first half of the measure to be beamed together as in sample A (according to the half note) and the remainder to be beamed together as in sample B (according to quarter notes).

Thanks in advance.

Sample A:

Sample B:

You could change the time signature locally to 4/4 and hide it? IIRC, 2/2 does not allow to separate each half beat (the beat being a half note, a quarter would then be a half beat…). Make sure you select the correct option in Notation options or input the new meter as [1+1+1+1]/4

I did add some to fix other sections that should be in 4/4 for the whole bar vs. 2/2, but this problem of changing half-way through the bar has me stumped.

Ah, now I see what you meant. For my change midway through the bar I just added the time signature as [2+1+1]/4

Thanks Marc!
Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 11.48.44 AM

Screen Shot 2022-06-30 at 11.48.54 AM