Breaking piano barlines

Hello Dorico users, I’m writing a two-line piano-vocal score. I want to keep the piano brace, but remove the barlines between the staves so the lyrics can run between the staves. Is there a way to break the long two-stave piano barlines?

Use the “Choir (reduction)” instrument instead of “Piano”. It’s designed for exactly this purpose.
You can always rename it to Piano after you’ve inserted it into the project.

edit: I’m not sure whether it has a piano brace. Try it out. As far as I know it’s the only way to break the barlines, unless you somehow force Dorico into thinking the two staves are in different meters…

Thanks, Pianoleo. I suppose I can transfer it to choir reduction. But there was a way of breaking piano barlines in Sib, and I just hoped it might exist in Dorico too.

Btw, so I transferred it all to a choir reduction. Then the chord symbols became invisible green flags. I can’t see any way to make them show. If I go to the Chord Group in the Properties Panel, they are marked as not hidden (tho they are invisible in Print Moded). Any idea how I can get them to show?

Also, is there a way to select all the chord symbols at once?

Try right-clicking the player panel (left margin) in Setup mode.

Chords are only automatically shown on “rhythm” instruments.

Many thanks to Derrick. Got that.