Breaking Triplets

How do you “break” or split triplets after you’ve input them into the following bar?

dorico triplets
In this passage, I want to remove the triplet from the second measure without impacting the previous measure.

I understand that I can CTRL+Z and go back, or delete what I have to write and turn off the triplet, but there has to be a way to break this, right? It’s super annoying when quickly entering a passage, not to be able to edit it without deleting and starting over.

Despite the appearance of two triplets, that’s one quarter note (crotchet) triplet that should have been input as an eighth note (quaver) triplet. If you turn on its Spans Barline property this will become visually clear.

You can’t delete half of it without deleting the other half of it.

Hmm, sure I get that it should have been input differently, but that seems like an issue to not be able to edit it and instead having to delete and start over.

Switch on insert (I), select just the tuplet number (not the notes) and delete. Re-enter the correct tuplet(s). Switch off insert(I again).