Breath marks inputting simultaneously

Hello, I would like to enter a breath sign at four voices at the same time. I select the preceding note at the desired location and activate the other locations with Shift/ Arrow down. Now I click on a breath mark on the right. Result: the breath mark only appears in the top line. For the caesuras, the collective input works. Is there a trick to do it this way with breath marks?

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I think breath marks are always player-specific, in contrast to fermatas and caesuras. The best you can do is use alt-click to position them across each player.

Thank you very much, Janus. But by selecting the notes, it is “player specific”. At least now I know for sure that it doesn’t work.

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Show the caret, extend the caret to the staves where you want breath marks, then input them using the popover.

(Caesuras and fermatas are essentially system-attached items, so automatically appear on all staves regardless of where you input them.)

Dear Lillie, I think you gave me a non-working advice: shift-H-Popover, filled with “breathmarkcomma” or “comma”, sets only one breath mark in the top voice AND NOT IN THE OTHER SELECTED SYSTEMS (Thanks anyway!).

In addition, I find it a bit confusing when in the instructions under 2. “Optional: If you want to input breath marks onto multiple staves at once, extend the caret to those staves” and then under 4. there is ONLY talk of “fermata and caesura”. Something is not right.

Tasks about inputting notations only ever show one or two example popover entries here; full tables of the possible entries are listed on a separate page, so as not to disrupt the flow of steps.

My advice works correctly, provided you have started note input to show the vertical orange caret, extended the caret to multiple staves within a system, and then input a breath mark using the popover.

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Thank you Lillie. Now I know the difference: I was working with “item is selected” and not with “caret is active”. I apologise for doubting your knowledge, but hope to continue using it :wink:
In short: it works!