Breath Marks on tied notes

Don’t know, if this is known already. Couldn’t find it searching the Forum.
If you look at the attached score, there are Breath Marks attached to nearly every tied note. If you enter a system break, so that the tied notes are not split between two systems, the Breath Marks appear.

Breath Marks (300 KB)

One further observation: when I add the tie after the Breath Mark, the breath mark will stay visible. So this is a possible workaround at the moment.

Sorry for not replying to this thread sooner – this is a bug and one that we hope to address before the 1.0.20 update, if we possibly can.

This is an old thread, but the problem is still true for Dorico 2.2.10.
breath mark.gif

Yes, this bug is still on our backlog awaiting a fix. I can’t promise when it will be fixed.