Breath marks won't stay put

See gif. Curses on these slippery devils. :imp:

I can’t post the file publicly, but I can email it to the team if desired.

Does it work if you place the first one with the caret and then Duplicate To Stave Below?

That’s what I did, on both counts.

Did you get this solved? If not, you can just create the breath mark with Shift-X text. In this example, the top is a real mark, but the bottom is with Shift-X text.

Thanks. I ended up settling for “close enough.”

This works fine for me, here. Are you trying to attach the comma to the same rhythmic location as the fermata, perchance? That might explain it…

No, I think Dan is trying to align the comma in the keyboard part with the breath in the vocal part above, after which the voice has a pickup into the following measure.

Derrek: yep

Ah. I can’t see the breath mark in the vocal line - it’s presumably off-screen. I found that if I marquee select the various commas in Engrave mode, I can then shift them all in tandem.

Leo, how did you copy those going up so fast? What magic is this? Lol

As an aside, while I haven’t seen the crazy behavior of the OP, I have noticed that mine haven’t always aligned horizontally especially if there is an accidental protruding from the following note. Sometimes I’ll end up with a lovely column like Leo’s but just one or two that are off. I hope they will shift to auto align better in the future.

Duplicate to Staff Above. I assigned it to Ctrl-Shift-D. (And “to Staff Below” to Ctrl-Alt-D). Quickly becoming one of my favorite shortcuts!

No pun intended, Dan, but I feel my shortcuts are more consistent with what Dorico offers as default : shift-alt-N to copy to staff above and shift-alt-M to copy to staff below.

I should probably do that, and maybe assign the -D to grouping or ungrouping dynamics…