Breaths on vocals remove completely or partial?

What do you do, remove breaths on vocals completely or partial or just reduce volume on them? :slight_smile:

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depends on the song/genre.

Remember “Je t’aime” - Jane Birkin… etc. … no Need or use to remove breaths ;o)

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I almost never remove them, it’s sounds so 80’ to me, removing the life from the performance.
But now and then it is necessary, then I do it manually using clip-gain.

Same here.

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I usually lower them using clip gain if they’re bad. Sometimes if I have a delay on the previous word, i’ll take it out completely so it’s cleaner.

Ditto for guitar fret noise.

Agree. It just makes the vocals sound unnatural. But occasionally there is one that needs to go.

Glad they didn’t remove the string squeak from the old classic Otis Redding song “(Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay” :wink:

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I’ve met a few vocalists where I’d leave the breath and silence the rest :laughing:

In reality, I use fade out/in subtly in most cases, or simply use gain reduction uniformly, depending on the density of the whole passage (all the tracks at that time)

sometimes i use an expander or gate for the breaths.

but breaths can fit in at times for example in female vocals

Seems like no breaths and levelled vocals are the standard for most Pop, RnB, Rock and Country hits. They also have expensive plugins that do that.

definitely better to leave some in, though it’s horses for courses. (listen to your favourite productions for a reference.)

one thing i’d add is you may want to go through breaths, find the ‘good [sounding] ones’, and usem them to stamp over the existing ones. this is a fairly common technique in commercial productions, along with slightly shifting the breaths backwards or forwards in time to better interact with the underlying groove of the record.