Brickwall Limiter Level

I’m using a MODO Drum Instrument and the level hops about about all over the place.
So, I’m using a Brickwall Limiter to cut out the peaks.
One thing though is, The level in the master fader peak is -10 as is the output of the MODO Drum master, But, the input for the Brickwall Limiter reads -4.
Any ideas please as this means running the drums at a low level.

Have you looked in the projekt settings what DB you have there, have the same problem but it was a settings. And they need to update the BWL its realy bad, 0,5db and its start to crackle.

TBH, there are better tools available already.

I’d be more inclined to look into why the levels are “hopping about all over the place”.

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Thanks for the replies,
I asked IK Multimedia, who asked if it did the same on the stand alone drums but, it’s not the same as I can’t replicate the same velocity every time.
Project settings are OK
What are the better tools ?

Raiser, VST Dynamics, Squasher, Maximizer,

Raiser is the best one.


Great, Many Thanks for this st10ss