Bridge stopped working

I have the latest version of cubase 5, and I’m upgrading to a windows 7 and cubase 6.5 set up. My only problem so far in setting up in cubase 5 in 64 bit windows 7, is that when I try to use VST instruments (any), cubase starts to load them, and then says that the bridge has stopped working and cubase stops. I’ve never come across this before ( I guess cos I haven’t worked with 64 bit before). Can anyone help me in getting this resolved. All instruments work fine as standalone programmes. Sorry if this has been done before, but I’m new to upgrading to windows 7 (wanted to see it working first - my old XP set up was great)

many thanks

Most of us 64 bit dudes use this as the Steinberg bridge is a bit flaky.

Many thanks for your reply. Its a bit tough on us consumers if we pay top dollar for the real thing, only to find we need someone elses software to make it work right?

I’ve no idea what the bridge is for (I can guess that it bridges the standalone with cubase?).

My friends tell me that older VSTis like the grand, BFD2 and halion strings still work OK on their new systems - am I just unlucky?

Mostly it bridges 32bit plugins to work in a 64bit host.