brighter color for the "visibility menu"

Do you think there is a possibility to set a brighter grey “the track” who is in selection.
Don’t know if my english can be understood
so please have a look on the attach. I wish to obtain a brighter “mid moog” for example
Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 13.15.32.png

On Mac its;
Cubase->Preferences->Appearances (Colour)->MixControl

then just change to the colour you want

Yes I did.And yes it change the color as I “need” - but in fact, this is the color or the “contrast” of a selected item that is too grey.
I wish I could get a real hard light grey, when any part of cubase is in selection.
Quite sure, it is not possible…
yes, by choosing fancy colors all around in the project, this default grey selection is more effective…but my cubase become a very uggly multicolor workspace
anyway, thanks for your help

+1 same complaint as OP. It’s very difficult to see what is selected there, as in his attachment.

You can make the background color darker.


At first I couldn’t even see it was indicating anything.