BRILLIANT IDEAS for workflow!! devs take note

curious to see your implementation.

shared some bits here:

Been fideling around with AHK scripting too, and have programed a custom miniToolbar for my touchscreen.
It’s loaded with some of the custom macros and functions i use the most…
Still a work in progress, but it already makes my cubase usage so much easier.
Cubase 8 Ahk Skripting Toolbar:

And i’m also programing a script to enable PresetBrowsing in problem vsti’s,
which dont respond to the standard cubase presetBrowsing.
This video is a few months old but you still get a general idea of my thought.
Cubase vsti Preset Browsing using AHK:


I’ve done a new video with some more toolbar functions,
and some added touch functionality…
All done using Autohotkey…

Video here:


This is a ridiculous good idea!!! Imagine having a sort of floating custom menu that not only can be programmed with shortcuts of the users liking but also learns what the user often does and automatically puts that into this menu. Super cool!!!

yeah, that is my next task when i have time-- have a ‘modular’ button within the popup menu that you can populate with whatever is your most frequently-used function at a given moment to speed up the workflow.