BRILLIANT IDEAS for workflow!! devs take note


I found this video of a dude who wrote a script to create a new menu for cubase, and it works!

some of the workflow ideas he has are really streamlined and I couldnt help but think the devs must see this…so devs, take note!

so many good ideas and features. This is the video:

it is basically a new menu accessing macros and much more - there is no key command for snap ‘on’ and another one for ‘snap’ off - there is only one that toggles snap on an off. He wrote in the script that it actually scans the pixel colours of the snap button to see if it is on or off - but really, this should be in cubase!!

thanks to Lukas Turza :slight_smile:

*UPDATE - for OSX users - there must be a similar scripting program - so watch the video and maybe you will be inspired to write something similar for OSX. Even better would be Steinberg incorporating some of the workflow features - and no this is not just a fancy menu - the ideas of each function are great

cheers :slight_smile:

My mind is absolutely blown, thank you SO much for this!!!

I was secretly hoping some of this (as in ideas) would make it into C8. None of it has, neither have any of the bugs I reported and got filed. Maybe I should think of selling this menu thingy instead. :confused:

So in about 10 minutes I wrote a script that:

  1. When pressing Ctrl-Alt, will move the mouse to the Vertical Zoom area from where I can use the mouse-wheel to Vertical Zoom, and then return to its original position…essentially giving me a feature request that has been on the list for years. 10 minutes, and that includes the time learning how to even use AutoHotKey lol.

  2. When holding the Windows Key, shoots the mouse up vertically to the timeline area, where I can set loop points, or move the playhead etc, and then return the mouse to the original position. If I want to splice at a super specific spot for example, no more need to go to the top and grab the playhead, then dragging it to where I want. Literally just hover over the area, hit the Windows key, and click.

The possibilities are unlimited, and I’ve been using this thing for 10 minutes.

nice! been thinking of doing your vertical zoom script too. Im using my extra mouse buttons to instantly set the left and right locators to whereever the mouse cursor is (on the horizontal axis).

but the vertical zoom already works if you just hit ctrl and mousewheel? I am writing a script to make the vertical zoom work purely JUST mousewheel, like Sony Vegas, Reaper and so many other applications with a timeline.

it is impossible to do a ctrl + mousewheel with with one hand!!

I often have my left hand on my mixer and controller keyboard and it is useful to be able to do many Cubase functions with my right hand only… it is actually funny this is not an option already in Cubase already

lucas apart from showing off Autohotkey (I actually was already using it for mapping my laptop ‘special keys’) - what is great about your video is that the workflow ideas I think should be in the Cubase code itself.

you rock!!

I suppose you spent many hours doing your script…but if you feel like sharing your code I would be eternally grateful! no worries if you don’t want tho

I did a quick search of the forums, and it seems using Autohotkey is not new - however the ‘radial menu’ module (a plugin for autohotkey for those that dont know) seems to be new…and makes autohotkey even cooler - and your ideas presented in the video are new!

here is my script for mousewheel zoom without pressing ctrl

#IfWinActive ahk_class SteinbergWindowClass
    Send {Control down}
    Send {WheelUp}

    Send {Control down}
    Send {WheelDown}

    Send {Control up}

*NOTE - for those that want to try Autohotkey - don’t download the version that is at That is out of date and will not work.

The offical version is actually here:


on your video you link to

this is the out of date website and download version …

or do you use the older version intentionally?

I was using the older version and was wondering why my script was not working, until I was told to upgrade to version 1.1 from a different source, apparently offical:

thanks for pointing this out, it’s my bad, I will update the link today.

Interesting, thanks. This opens new possibilities to overcome limitations for controlling Cubase. The snap - pixel trick is great. There are a lot of generic remote functions that use toggle buttons, while they should’t. For example: mixer state(is it visable? Is it hidden?) same for channel editor, inspector state, and more. I already use Lemur and Bome midi translator for remote control, but this might be the icing on the cake!


nice stuff indeed

Ben303 that’s Horizontal Zoom. Vertical Zoom is making the track height larger/smaller, and is impossible currently from the mousewheel.

ahh my bad. Too many late nights :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG! Wow :open_mouth: Please Steinberg intergrate those things into Cubase!

Cool !!! :slight_smile:

If we could do something like “Channel Name = (BASS)+Channel Name” that would do one of the tricks in the video without any external program. Actually that would mean having a script engine in Cubase, which would be fantastic!! :slight_smile:

That naming+coloring thing is really cool. And with a keyboard that has extra buttons (like those gaming keyboards) you could place those categories into different keys.

And I agree that for all the functions that can be toggled, the commands for on / off should be included.


you can, that’s what i’m doing there-- the radial menu is firing off a midi note via a virtual midi port that cubase reacts to (via generic remote), and runs a PLE script. in there, you can ‘prepend’ (sic) strings to channel names.

Ah I found it. Thank you. It’s as easy as “container type = track” then prepend to name… But the menu you created is great. I am going to build something like it, and try to remove all those key combinations from my brain.


How did you do the 2 point?
Can you share the code?